Snow and Hercules

It’s snowing right now. The last time it snowed was the day after we got home from the hospital. We got 9 inches (remember that as you read). 

Here’s the story. It comes from an email I sent to a few of my friends the Monday after the snowstorm to announce Aria’s birth. 

I want to announce the birth of my daughter, Ariadne Kay Morris, this past Thursday February 19th at 8:36am. My water broke quite unexpectedly as I was on my way to the post office on Wednesday! A little surprised, I turned back and drove home. My husband whisked us down to Holy Cross hospital in Silver Spring. After a reasonably smooth, but long night of labor they started me pushing. My little 9.03lb girl was out exactly an hour later.


Aria is absolutely perfect. She and I have been bonding the last couple of days, learning to communicate through her sounds and cries. My husband, DH, is taking great care of us, though maybe a little two well! This morning he put together an ambitious menu and grocery list then headed out at 11, promising to be back in time to make me and my sister, who is visiting from Iowa, lunch. I was upstairs resting with my daughter when he left, completely oblivious that he was headed out just as a snow storm was starting!


I called DH frantic about fifteen minutes later when I saw the snow falling. He assured me he was fine. He was almost to Wegman’s. “I’ll be quick, no worries. I’ve lived in Alaska!” Five hours later, he was home with a trunk full of groceries! He spent about two hours in the store, then drove home very, very slowly. It was crazy! The snow was coming down the whole time. DH was determined to make sure we had enough food for our first week. Finally, I see him pulled up outside our townhouse, our awesome neighbors shoveling out about three inches of snow from the parking space in front of our house.

Thanks to my husband’s Herculean efforts, I’ve been strong and well fed. Aria is growing. She and I are learning a lot together already. It all seems so simple after I’ve figured something new out, even after it seemed so big as I’m doing it the first time!


So here we are! It’s Monday morning, Aria is sleeping in my lap, and my indomitable husband is downstairs making breakfast. 


My love to you all,




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