I love brushing my daughter’s hair 

I think I’ve described brushing Aria’s hair before, but I just did it again and it felt new. We just went through an epic diaper change: poop + poop during change + pee during change + change of clothes after diaper change (which goes in two parts, surprisingly — clothes off, clothes on). 

I had to cheer her at the end. She was hungry and needed to be wiped down before she could feed. So dad is wiping her with a washcloth and I’m whispering encouragement and she’s kicking her legs like she’s crawling. Then all of the sudden we were done and I was feeding her in my chair. She never cried during the whole thing, but my heart was pounding. I asked my husband for a hairbrush and just started brushing. 

I felt such joy. Relief. Happiness. 

I love brushing my daughter’s hair. 

Now that’s something new to write home about!

P.S. I can see Aria’s neck while she feeds now. That’s new!


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