Catheters and Epidurals 

I never expected to have bladder problems after giving birth. Heck, I didn’t even I was having bladder problems for the first week or two. 

It took me eleven days to feel like I was really starting to have control over my bladder, where I could feel the signal to pee and the need to push out extra after my body had already automatically done its thing. 

They gave me a bottle of water in the hospital and said to wash every time I went to the restroom. I think it was related to two hemmeroids I acquired while pushing (which I think are like popped blood vessels — they never explained them, just gave me some witch hazel, hydrocortisone cream, and a sitz bath). The hospital was a bit of a blur. 

Two weeks later, I’m still washing with the cleansing bottle they gave me. Between that and a pillow between my legs, I’m healing. My stitches from the first degree tear fell out yesterday and my hemmeroids are starting to itch and not be bloody when I pay them with toilet paper. Healing takes time! There is still blood in my pad every few times that I wash, so I keep doing what they told me, wondering when I’ll be completely healed in my downstairs. The hemmeroids are starting to itch. Maybe that’s a sign. 

I think I’ll need to start kegel exercises soon. I never did them before I pushed out my 9 pound Aria in an hour without a single break. But I feel like I need them now, like everything is a little too lose and weak down there to be normal. 

Here’s a link to remind myself:

I didn’t have any idea what postpartum healing would be like while I was pregnant. All I knew is that I would need to heal. 

I have to be so gentle with my healing personal parts, even my nipples during the first four days of nursing. I don’t think I’ve ever been this gentle with myself in my entire life. 

Amazing how having a baby changes how you treat yourself. You learn you have to take care of yourself to take care of the ones you love. I have to take care of myself for Aria. 

P.S. Funny. It was exactly a week ago they woke me up because my contractions were slowing. I’d been asleep for three hours after I succumbed to the need for an epidural. It was a delicious three hours of sleep. It’s funny because the epideral when I got the catheter that jacked up my bladder in the first place!

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks!!

P.P.S.S. The moral of the story is, do everything the nurses tell you!!! It doesn’t make any sense when they explain things to you just after you’ve given birth, but just pay attention and keep doing what they tell you, even after you leave the hospital. 

My butt hurts from sitting on the toilet too long on the toilet. I’m pretty sure the nurses told me not to do that!


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