“The Crawl”

Earlier today my aunt commented on Facebook that Aria would be crawling anytime soon. I had to argue:

She already is crawling, technically. I did something called “the crawl” the day she was born. You place the baby on your stomach for your first feeding together and let the baby find the nipple by scent. Aria crawled 8 inches 20 minutes after she was born, found my nipple, and started feeding. It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. I had seen it in a YouTube video in my nursing class, so I assumed it was pretty common.But it was a surprise for people in the room. My doula had never seen it before — only the video. A nurse came up afterwards and said she was supposed to be somewhere else, but when she saw me doing it she stayed and watched because she’d never seen it before. Took Aria at least 20 minutes to get to my nipple. I was cheered ng her on the whole time. I’d seen he video, so I knew she could do it. She just kept pushing and grunting in frustration. She’d pause for breath and then fight to find a foothold. Seriously incredible. I wish I’d thought to video, but I hadn’t told anyone I was doing it in advance and everyone was just memorized. 

Here is a pic from just after she finished. Tough cookie, am I right??


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