3 inches!!!

Aria just made it three inches during tummy time. She’s a rockstar. 

I let her wake up in my arms and then watched for her hunger cues. As soon as I saw them, I carried her to the floor and laid out her pink and white + flowers blanket.

I put her on her tummy and challenged her to come get her food. My little rugrat started pushing. I had to take her PJs off so she could get a foothold. She started kicking out both legs and then one leg, sometimes in the air and sometimes on the ground. I watched where she was on the pink square. 

She was groaning and grunting and almost, almost, crying in frustration. 

But she was moving. 

And I cheered. 

I acted like her drill sergeant, telling her to work for her food. She just needed to keep pushing. My voice showed her where the food was – it drew her towards my bulging breasts.

When she finally bowed her head in fatigue, I quieted and looked at the blanket. 

She crawled 3 inches. 

I picked her up. She smiled the closer she got to my breasts. Her mouth opened wide, I drew her in, and she swallowed a deep, satisfying gulp of milk. 

What a trooper!


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