Checking the Mail: Part 2

Being a new mom is kind of complicated. Who knew what a feat something like checking the mail would be after pushing out a nine pound baby? Go figure. 

If you remember my first story about checking the mail, you will now see how now I have officially reached victory over the mailbox… The epic saga continues!

Yesterday I asked if my husband thought I was up to checking the mail and DH, good husband that he is, advised me against it. 

I tried explaining all the reasons I could think of for why I wanted to go check the mail. Somehow, “Because it’s something normal, because it’s something I want to do,” didn’t convince him. 

“Is there something you need from the mailbox?” DH asked, trying to be fair. 

“I ordered a second tube of lanolin so I can have one in the nursery and one in the bedroom. I keep forgetting to put it on,” I explained, sure that now he would understand why I wanted to go and be okay with it. 

“We have a second bottle of lanolin,” he said. “The little one from the hospital.”

Defeat. He had a point. I still wanted to check the mail. 

“It would be a nice walk, a practice from here to the mailbox,” I put forth.

DH said nothing. I had not convinced him it was okay for me to go. He wanted me to stay. We were at an impasse. 

I was out of ways to explain and I still wanted to check the mail. I started to open the door without his approval, even though I really wanted him to approve. 

“Do what you need to do,” he said.

I paused

“Just remember you’re not supposed to go for walks for two weeks,” he reminded me. 

I kept the door open. He hadn’t convinced me. I walked to and from the car to the doctors this morning that’s as far as the mailbox! I thought. 

“An hour ago you told me you were too weak to lift a single limb. Are you really certain about this?” DH added. 

I hesitated. I looked longingly at the mailbox on the other side of our little townhouse complex. It did look rather far away. 

“Your body needs to heal”

This time I looked at DH. He was trying to take care of me like he’s been doing all week. 

I walked from the door to the couch. My heart raced like mad and by the time I sat down I felt so lightheaded I almost cried. DH was right. I wasn’t ready yet to check the mail. 

It’s the next morning now. 

When I woke up this morning checking the mail was one of the first things that came to mind. I still wanted to check the mail. 

So, I just went and did it! I didn’t even think about it. DH and Aria were asleep upstairs. I tiptoed down the stairs put on my coat and scarf and slipped through the front door like a convict busting out of prison. And I left the house, by myself for the first time in nine days!

It was awesome. I was tired and barely awake. I waddled and it was freezing cold. I hadn’t dressed for this! I kept going. I kept my eyes on the prize – the gray mailbox. Just twenty or thirty more steps through the cold and victory would be mine. 

Damn! I made it to that sucker! Hell yeah! 

I didn’t even pull out the mail. The key was sitting on top of it. I closed our house’s box and went for the real prize: the package box. 

There was more in there than I ever dreamed! Six packages!

I loaded up my haul and started waddling. I don’t even remember the journey home. It was cold, I’m sure. And long. At least ten yards! But I remember opening my treasure chest. It was full of things I needed, things I’d ordered during my first week as a new mom and forgotten about. 

My haul:

  • Second tube of lanolin
  • Face mask for sleeping 
  • Second nursing bra
  • Pictures from the hospital
  • A surprise

Last weekend Tressa was here taking care of me and DH. In our final hour together, she shared the most amazing candied peacans I have ever tasted. Pretty much the most amazing candied anything

There were two bags of candied peacans in my treasure chest. No frigin way!”

And that is how I achieved the very monumental feat of checking the mail. 


A few dozen small steps to the mailbox, one giant leap for healing momkind!


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