I am fairly confident I can tell my daughter’s hair is growing. I brushed it yesterday, just because. I’ve never cared about my hair. I usually brush it for the first time each morning in the car on the way to work. Aria’s hair is so much cooler. 

DH missed Aria’s 32nd week appointment due to a dead iPhone and a navigation system that didn’t believe my high risk pregnancy doctor’s office existed. Lindsey, one of the best ultrasound techs out there, decided to help him out. She went all 4D ultrasound on me and started snapping pictures for me to take home to my husband. 

“Oh look, your baby has hair,” Lindsey said and points to an indistinct shadow on the monitor. “She’s playing with it.” I gazed at the image in wonder. I couldn’t begin to describe my awe and excitement in that moment. I couldn’t see anything, but my daughter was so much more real to me afterwards. I told everyone the story. I shared pictures from the ultrasound with everyone. 

I’m looking at the pictures now. She didn’t take one of Aria’s hair. Only her keen eyes could spot it on the image where she found it.

But look, there she is before when she was 30 weeks old and there she is right now this very moment. That’s so weird. It’s just crazy. 

It’s her birthday today. That seems significant. I mean, she’s one week old right now. At 8:36, she’ll be a day older. She’s growing up so fast!


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