Extended Family

I just dictated the post below, because my dad is here and it was a way to include him as I mused. A little different style than normal, but my dad loved it!

My dad is sitting here with me telling family stories. My dad loves telling stories. He can tell stories for hours and hours and hours! He’ll go from one story to the next, from one topic to the next, and you just have to listen. I love listening to him tell stories. I don’t know if I always listen but I was really listening just now and I loved it. I really enjoyed it because he was telling me about my grandfather. And I think he’s told the stories before. I’m sure he has. But just now I really listened. And I had an epiphany. I feel more connected or want to feel more connected to my extended family all of a sudden. It’s like, being here as a post pregnant woman with my daughter and my dad here, family just matters more. Everything is slower when you have a child. You can pay attention to things like this. You can pay attention to family. I love that I can pay attention to my family right now. It seems so simple. 


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