Waking up

For the past couple of days, or I guess since I gave birth almost a week ago… Wait, hold that thought. I just realized a week ago right around this time (it’s 1:47) DH was asking me if I was ready for an epideral. Baby just fell asleep on my breast. Hold on a sec… Just figured out a more effective way to burp. That’s exciting. Next breast… Hmm, now I need to type left handed. It’s a little awkward… So DH had seen how much pain I was in. We’d gone for a second walk I’m not sure how long before. On the second walk I only made one “lap” around the maternity ward, compared to four on my first walk. 

Baby is drifting. I need my left hand to help her… I was about to note how cute she is when she stretches, then she started pooping. Awesome! … Whoa. That’s the clip for her umbilical cord in my rocking chair. Omg… Do I go back to telling a story right now? This feels kind of epic, like some sort of crazy milestone that I can’t even begin to put into words, although I guess technically that is what I am doing. Baby is drifting on the breast again. Better help… Dang, I was so mesmerized by the cord, I forgot to start the feeding timer again after the diaper change. I have no idea how long she’s been eating… I just realized I called the blogging I was doing “story telling” rather than “reminiscing.” I almost went back to change it, but I just decided it is both. I guess that’s what makes this a blog rather than a journal… 

During the second walk, I had to pause for each contraction. They were long and painful. My first walk I just breathed as they came and kept walking. 

Just got the baby down to sleep. Going to follow her lead and finish up in an hour and forty five minutes when it’s time to feed again… Dang. Realized I added that wrong when I went to set the alarm. It’s an hour and fifteen until next feeding. 😦

She’s crying now. DH is taking care of her. Yesterday, my swaddling worked like a charm. Today, she’s stronger and so much more awake and alert. It’s what I started the post about, oddly enough. She was strong enough to tear off the swaddle. She started to freeze and started crying. I’m so glad DH is taking care of her. She’s stopped crying now. Time for sleep. 

DH bundled her up in three blankets and turned the heat up. It’s been set at 66 degrees at night all through the winter by our smart Eco savings thermostat. Guess the thermostat isn’t smart enough to have figured out we’re a 24-7 family now!

Never did get back to the story. Got pretty busy the rest of the night. 


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