Eavesdropping ;)

My husband is on the phone joking with a friend. “Pretty much the worst week of vacation I’ve ever taken,” he chuckles. Oddly this may be my best. Eat that Bora Bora!

Okay, a different kind of best. To be fair, when I’m trying to fall asleep…

“I pretty much jumped back in shock. Went across the room. It made an odd popping sound…” 

“I would just shut the door and bring it on lockdown. Bring out the hose!” Awesome

Oh! Now he’s describing me going into labor. 

“She goes off to the post office and her water breaks… I know! … Well, I guess we can cancel that induction.” 

“God! Clean yourself off! Have some decorum! Think of the child!”

Hahahaha. Omg! That was amazing!


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