Right and left

So I can’t remember if I mentioned I’ve been having a little trouble with this whole breastfeeding thing. So one thing I noticed is that I was pretty sure my right breast has just been totally sagging and not filling up. I just woke up from a quick nap and was laying there considering my breasts. My left is really a big juicy grapefruit and my right is a completely deflated balloon. 

It was then I noticed I was sleeping on my left side, pregnancy pillow between my legs. It’s exactly how I’ve been sleeping for the past two months. I read on a midwives board that sleeping on your left gets your baby to have her back on the left side of your belly. Apparently if your baby is on the left, then it is much easier for her to shift to that coming out position during labor. I think that worked really well possibly. I’ll have to post about it later, now that I’ve actually had the baby and can evaluate what happened.  

Anyway I was on my left, I’ve been sleeping on my left for two months straight. I’m guessing that’s what happened with my breasts! 

Shall we experiment? I’ll let you know!


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